Tuesday, September 27, 2011

from the MCAD archives

Minneapolis School of Art Letterhead from the 50s and 60s (previously named Minneapolis School of Art, it change it's name to Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the 70s).

MCAD's letterhead from the 70s — the corporate and quirky

MCAD's letterhead from 70s/80s (palette+brush), 90s (Blue M), 00 (Jancourt/Rezac pict system) and now.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design turned 125 this year. Also in 1886: Coca Cola was created, the American Federation of Labor (AFL) is formed and The Statue of Liberty is gifted to the United States from France.

Over the summer, my design partner Annie Wang and I spent countless hours in MCAD's archives searching and researching materials to use in their 125th anniversary book. A wealth of archival photos and ephemera detailing MCAD's legendary visiting artists, milestones and cultural shifts were scanned and photographed. In the end the anniversary book turned out to be an alumni portfolio rather than a comprehensive, MCAD-is-out-of-control-cool-artschool-casestudy. So, on occasion, I'll post some things that didn't make the cut, but things that we really like, beginning with this scanned letterhead ranging from the fifties to present.

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Namdev said...

That second shot is so amazing! The top left ultra-minimal thing is great, but so is the geometric thing. The 80's one is so bizarre, its like identity of the corporation in RoboCop.
Lets have lots of these posts please.