Friday, October 29, 2010

record guild

muffin man!!!
oats, peas, beans &

where is my muffin man?! I'm loving these googly eyed illustrations.
happy friday!

More cardboard kiddie records here.
and a whole lot more here.

The Record Guild of America, Inc.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

meet, eat and support!

Powderhorn Empty Bowls: One of my favorite events of the year and one that i'm involved with on many levels. If you're in the Minneapolis area you've got to attend. Here's the jist: select from a amazing array of handmade bowls made by local artists and craftspeople, fill with hearty homemade soup/bread, meet your neighbors + make a freewill contribution (you get to keep your bowl)! Donations support the foodshelf at the Division of Indian Work, Sister's Camelot and upgrading Powderhorn Park RecCenter's kitchen. So many levels of awesomeness! i'd love to see you there.

If you'd like to volunteer making soup, serving, donating materials, etc. email Monica at
I checked the emptybowl website and it appears to be corrupt, see the flyer for date, time and details.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

dear anna:

EEEKS, it's been a long time between postings. I've been swamped with teaching, getting organized and the day-to-day. Recently, I discovered a slew of my scanned ephemera on an old external harddrive of mine. Perhaps you'll enjoy this sampling of leather cards as much as I do. hope everything is going swimmingly with you all!

all addressed to anna.
most date between 1905-1907.

more cards from my collection here!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

polaroid yumminess

in superior, wisconsin

Documents from travels past. I love the unpredictability of the real print, chemical mixing, waiting…

more blurriness here.

I'm ready for a great roadtrip.