Monday, November 29, 2010

Designs for the Printed Page

Fortune. page4_5

Fortune. page14_15

Fortune. page24_25

Designs for the printed page.
A thoughtful promotion for Fortune magazine designed in (1957?) by the incredible and witty Leo Lionni. More spreads here.

Lionni interprets each design's intent…
page 4
Variations in size and color on a constant theme (a trademark perhaps?).

page 5 In black space (often more effective than white space) delicate lines weave a strong pattern.

page 14
Photography can have the quality of design if it follows the principles that govern design.

page 15
A half-page sacrifices half of its space to create its own generous margin and to move its center of gravity toward the middle of the page.

page 24–25
When a design expands from the center to the margins the space seems larger. ariations within repeated symmetries add vitality to the forms.

Make sure to watch: Leo makes a mouse!


I just had to share this irresistible arrangement with you. (found outside MCAD's library). Dr. Dada brings a little humor to health issues.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

morgan press

From Wood 2.
Morgan Press printers and typographers.
Design: John Alcornx. Author: Morgan Press.

Published: Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. : Morgan Press, [1964?]

more wood here!

Friday, November 19, 2010

cafe wallpaper

Check out these wallpapers found in our very own, Minneapolis College of Art and Design's cafeteria! Recently, I asked my Intro to Graphic Design students to engage with their local environment & beautify it. Their wallpaper patterns had to address subject matter, narrative, sequence, scale and image
quality——they definitely rose to the task; each of them created 6ft strips of amazing pattern!

Work by: Lottie Anderson, Sydney Appleton, Racquel Banaszak, Clint Bohaty, Kelsey Dusenka, Kelsey Elder, Laura Hedrick, Abbey Freundschuh, Aurelia Gustafson, Samuel Hertogs, Mina Jang, Chad Lorence, Sherri Mueller, Heather Nguyen, Emily Pope, Keith Possehl, Olivia Rodriguez, Lauren Sidell and Heather Tubwon