Wednesday, March 30, 2011

best present ever

Lemme spit some rhymes for a favourite professor
always lookin sharp— she gotta fail-proof dresser
but her skill-set full and clothes ONLY the beginning
you should see this kid she made, that'll keep you grinning
but her bagga tricks too big, you can't touch them cases'd take years of rapping, she gots way too much aces
so we won't try to list 'em cause the endeavour futile
just rest assured her prowess beyond clever true style
now I'll finally adress what I came to do
birthday well-wishes & some rhymes for you
I got a little off-track, as I'm often known to tend
hadda work my way back with a little verbal mend
but the thing I meant to say, become my means to an end
no longer my professor, Im honoured to call you a friend


(thank you Colin!)