Thursday, February 17, 2011

k records studio tour

From my archives:
K records!

I just uncovered these photos that I shot while traveling with two friends, back in 98. My friend Barb set up a visit to K records in Olympia which was a incredible! The person working at K—unfortunately, I can't remember the name—graciously gave us a grand tour of the storeroom and the huge upstairs recording studio, which I believe used to be an old dancehall?? The walls were covered with these incredible characters and markings from the 40s. I've scoured the internet today trying to find information—I'm unsure if these artifacts still remain? Hopefully they were't painted over.

I wish my photos were better quality, but you get the picture. a few more on my flickr site.


gina said...

Jenna Park of Sweetfineday might know/help.

kindra said...

cool, thanks Gina!

galeria V arte said...

really cool!

danimal said...

God this is freaking amazing. After you showed me these yesterday I decided to contact K records to see if they could use any free design services.

I hope they decide to keep those illustrations up.

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