Wednesday, December 2, 2009

uncut matchbox labels

Someday I'll get a flickr site up and going——I have thousands of these Czechoslovakian gems to share.

I'm sure you've seen maraid's great collections. Her museum set is one of my favorites.


Gina said...

"Thousands"? Jealous here, so jealous. :^)

Jane O Sullivan said...
I bet you really did love that link , so random but so intriguing
Did you see the matchbook on the link elisabeth put up about a week ago , lettering etc...
hope you good :)

nath said...

ah! what things of rare beauty. love. want.

notions and potions said...

wish i had the opportunity to scan in more
of these lovely little guys for you


it sure was fun while it lasted :)

explodingcucumber said...

Hello! Yes, please, we'd love to see that flickr page!
Czech Republic is a paradise to buy old things. I bought over there a lot of the materials I use in my work. I guess some people would find it criminal to change and damage such beautiful things but I love working with these old bits.
My most treasured possession from Czechoslovakia is a packet of 1 million Czechoslovak koruna. When Czechoslovakia split all currency had to be destroyed.Packets of notes all cut into small bits were sold on the streets. A friend gave me a packet to use on my work but it's such a nice "thing" I never had the courage to open it.
I really like your blog. I'll visit again!

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Oh I collect these too. I have the top uncut set.