Sunday, May 24, 2009

Network, Teamwork

I love love love this project by Uta Eisenreich. It's not new but remains quite perfect. I finally scanned in her images from Swiss Design 2002: Netzwerke / Réseaux / Networks. The book is published by Lars Müller. [Apologies for the blurred edges, my book wouldn't lie flat].


Fine Little Day said...


Jane O Sullivan said...

hi kindra, just on another topic, I was wondering did you know of a place I could get some half inch standard typewriter ribbon ? I recently got a lovely old 1975 kids typewriter, and I would SO love to use ,it ,I cannot turn up any in Ireland...sorry to but in to this post ,which is as elizabeth says , awesome x

mieke willems said...

oh must find that book! it's looking supergood!