Thursday, February 16, 2012

czech matchbook labels

I finally scanned in more of my czech matchbook labels (all uncut sheets) from the 50s an 60s. See them on flickr! ohlallala!


Bohemian girl said...

I looked at your flickr, they are cool. I actually know some of them myself from the time when we used these matches at home. I come from that tiny winy town where they produced them. It is funny to read the slogans, they look like ads but they are supposed to educate people, tell them what to do and how. You were lucky to find such a pile.

Lisa said...

These are fabulous - wherever did you find them?

kindra said...

Bohemian girl: wow! you had these around your home——I wish the U.S. sponsored cool public service announcements on matchbooks!

Lisa: I found a handful from a fleamarket in Maine 10 or so years ago——then I scored a heap of them off ebay (which was awesome, but isn't as satisfying as hunting for them bit by bit.)

dispo said...

amazing find! forwarded the link to a designer with czech roots.