Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Along U.S. 12 in Detroit

Hello! Unsure if anyone stops by here as it's been ages since my last post. I'm going to try to keep it up on a more regular basis as I have loads of images that are sitting on my desktop. Trying to decide where to focus my posting efforts, here on blogger, tumblr 1, tumblr 2, flickr... Ideally it will all be consolidated all on a website soon.

This post represents a mini inventory of signs and ephemera along U.S. 12 also known as Michigan Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. See more here and the actual photos on my flickr. Explanation to come!


gina said...

I do, I do!
How everyone manages the posts and tweets,
updates and such is so beyond me.
Happy everyday!

kindra said...

thanks Gina! good to hear from you. hope you're having a stellar and productive 2012!

gina said...

Well I've finally made the leap and uploaded one picture
(isn't the first step always the shakiest?) to Flickr.

2012 here we come!

am said...

the sporadic posts do not stop me from stopping by! I enjoy them! Thanks!

kindra said...

Gina, send me your flickr link, gotta see the single image!

Yay, thanks Greenerer for sticking with me.

gina said...

Hi Kindra,

Check your mail over on Flickr. :^)