Friday, October 7, 2011

little blue books

At the top of my favorite publishing endeavors are Little Blue Books, published by Haldeman-Julius Company out of Girard, Kansas. Over 1900 titles were published between the years of 1923-1978 and the books were affordable to most—as low as 5 cents a book. I particularly enjoy the faded newsprint colors, the uniformity of type as well as the crazy-odd titles intermingled amongst the classics.

The backside of some books has a logo that reads: "Little Blue Books * A University in Print * Read the World Over".

A sampling from my collection can be found on my flickr.


alessandra said...

Amazing collection! I'm so curious about the inside too, some of the titles are so peculiar yet so earnest! I must admit that they made me laugh too!


I love these! I found one like this recently that said "How to start and run a corporation" All this in just a few dozen pages.

anna said...

So is the human race getting anywhere?