Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dullDiamond j e w e l s!

It's been a long-abominable winter, so you may want to take a LOOK at these colorful gems by dullDiamond. Here are some of my favorites that got swooped up—oh ratz.

dullDiamond is a collaboration between two people near-and-dear to me——jen and emily. Make sure to check their etsy shop!


Sara Fowler said...

Ah! I wondered if you might know them. I found their blog a couple weeks ago and its so beautiful! Can't wait 'til I get back to Minneapolis so I can purchase some lovelies!

Annie Wang said...

sooooo goood

Captain Tess said...

love the necklaces. the color is wonderful!!

ECMA said...

yum! I just purchased a necklace/bracelet number.