Thursday, January 20, 2011

it is friday!

Summary of a long rattling icy week.

It's something like-15° here and it's time for a sauna.

These images are scanned from one of my all-time favorites Fairburn System: The Fairburn System of Visual References. I occasionally pick them up on ebaby, I'll acquire the whole set someday.

enjoy the start of your weekend!


Andres Guzman said...

This is awesome to look at...My brain is animating the pictures

Sally Stanley said...

I love all your posts. I enjoy following both yours and Jennifer's bogs. Last year you had a link to another blog that had a small sort of vintage looking calendar. It was about 7 X 7. I loved it! used it all year. Do you remember the link and did they do another calendar for 2011?

Toktokada said...

wahou amazing books! thanks for sharing !!

kindra said...

andres, they've got these fine book in the mcad library. check them out!

sally, maybe it was:

and toktokada, my pleasure. i'll scan in more at some point.