Monday, November 29, 2010

Designs for the Printed Page

Fortune. page4_5

Fortune. page14_15

Fortune. page24_25

Designs for the printed page.
A thoughtful promotion for Fortune magazine designed in (1957?) by the incredible and witty Leo Lionni. More spreads here.

Lionni interprets each design's intent…
page 4
Variations in size and color on a constant theme (a trademark perhaps?).

page 5 In black space (often more effective than white space) delicate lines weave a strong pattern.

page 14
Photography can have the quality of design if it follows the principles that govern design.

page 15
A half-page sacrifices half of its space to create its own generous margin and to move its center of gravity toward the middle of the page.

page 24–25
When a design expands from the center to the margins the space seems larger. ariations within repeated symmetries add vitality to the forms.

Make sure to watch: Leo makes a mouse!


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