Sunday, September 5, 2010

summer beasties!

I've got a backlog of summerfun and new findings that I must share—my three week holiday followed by school prep has left me short of time. Whhohoot, I'm back!

1 kiddo under bucket. 2 freaky garden fruits. 3 huge spider living on our window.
4 cool monkeylion found at mn state fair. 5. sidewalk antics.


la casita said...

I see, you are surrounded by little monsters creeping everywhere...I love the first picture, hi hi.
I 've received your poster, graaaazie!!! it is a bit scrunched up but never mind, I will ironing it!
The guys at the postal services have no rispetto!

have a nice week.

gina said...

Me too, your poster arrived
in good form (muchas gracias!)
and doesn't require ironing. :^)
Glad you're back in the swing
of things.

k said...

great photos!