Friday, June 25, 2010

ulimate puzzle

sorting and hunting for the perfect components and the puzzle-esque setup is surely my favorite part of the letterpress process; I'll save polymer plates/printing for professionals. PLUS, overprinting and experimenting with colors is quite seductive — i do love the element of chance. Once i pull the sheet off the press, i'm quite disinterested with the final thing.

i'm onto new press experiments inspired by this great site (found via manystuff).


alessandra said...

It must be such fun, I would love to try it!
Love your experiments, they do nice posters :)

kindra said...

alessandra, thanks for your kind comment! it is so much fun—you've got to try.
when i finish the last ink color, I can send you one!

anna said...

my goodness i love that link!
this is a lovely lovely blog. thank you!