Friday, June 4, 2010

hello again

school has let out and summer vacation is in full-swing. Even though my blog was hiatus, I've been following yours——thankyou!

I had blocked out three weeks to go to england/wales but turns out we couldn't go due to an expired passport; discovered the night before our planned departure. BOOOOOOOhoooooo! it was a mighty blowpop—we moped around a few days—but morale is now topnotch.

some preoccupations as of late:
__ short escapes: we've been camping 2x and hanging out with nature.
__g a r d e n i n g !
__working with Ms. Annie on website
__excited for a future fence designed by ro/lu !
__lingering way too long on craigslist, namely in the following: houseswaps, vacation rental and farm/garden. I've yet to make any purchases.
__devising master escape to maine
__working on mini—but fulfilling freelance projects.
__beginning advanced letterpress tomorrow
__and the outdoor pool is open for lapswim!

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