Tuesday, June 15, 2010

exhibition type

From my visit to the University of Michigan's Exhibit Museum of Natural History. This sort of typography maybe unfashionable or kitchy, but I love this type of display in all it's

g l o r y!

I can't get these out of my mind (via Bird and Banner).


Amelie said...

oh wow I love it too !!!!! this is genius !!!

I wanted to ask you if you wanted to take part in my Recipe Look blog, it is about visualisations of recipes through drawing with least words possible, opened to everyone. I really like your world, your eye for capturing space, and the way you approach font.
Spread the word, we are now working with a primary school in Australia that made fantastic stuff. Hope you are interested ! see below :


kindra said...

Amelie, thanks for the invite this sounds fun!

Amelie said...

I'd be honored to have one by you !
your latest post with the workshop is exactly the type of thing I am imagining, to bring a bit of originality for visualization.
Anyway thanks for having such an inspirational blog, I never miss a post !

kisses from London

Jane O Sullivan said...

me too
oh my , I love it !