Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A little Estonian seaside! These were taken a couple years back with my fine friend Costance Kilgore. Shown here, is a handsome windmill (yes, he has a pipe in his mouth) and various cairns on the Estonian island, Saaremaa. Mister-windmill did have a female companion, but she's now a heap of rubble. Sad, but true.

Our warmer weather makes me long for big big water, rocks, swimming fun, travel and getting out of landlocked midwest. We booked our tickets to Wales—hurray to a soon-to-be vacation!


la casita said...

a vacation in wales sounds really nice!

martha said...

Mr Windmill's name is Suur Töll and his companion Linda has been rebuilt. Thought you might like to know.
Lovely photos of Saaremaa - thank you for posting.

kindra said...

Martha, this is such good news that there is a Lisa! thanks for passing this along.

mieke willems said...

waw this is supercool!!