Tuesday, February 9, 2010

more uncut

matchbox labels from my collection.

here's an interesting read.


Lovely World said...

I very much love zoo and circus animal graphics. These are great!

brooklyn_codger said...

Wow. Penguin + monkey are especially good!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks kindra ...hmmmm so now I know all about groundhog day ...you crazy americans :) ...well I guess it beats making crosses out of grass reeds and leaving out a piece of white cloth overnight to use as a healing cloth for the year (st brigids day feb 1st )
I bet there are more peeps looking into burrows than there are doing the st.brigid stuff !
love the animals too cute :)

Ribambins said...

This would make such a wonderful "happy family "game". A gem.

kindra said...

Helly Ribambins!
For some reason I'm unable to post on your blog... thanks for sharing The Playsacks costumes, they are pretty awesome and hilarious.

(also, thanks for your kind comments).