Wednesday, January 6, 2010

three good finds

u s e f u l and l o v e l y!

from Faulty Diction:
whack, what, which, etc
Pronounced hwac, hwat, hwich, etc.: not wac, wat, wich, etc.
The English are especially lax in the pronunciation of such words as these, almost uniformly dropping the initial h sound, while many Americans err by making the aspirate too sharply prominent.

Published by Funk & Wagnalls Company. 1909 – 1915.


blood loss sway said...

Three thumbs up.

I used to mock my pops for putting extra emphasis on the "h", my favorite was "whopper" go on, say it with lossa "h".

Brooklyn_codger said...

My american mother also insisted in the hw and we canadian kids thought that was crazy! Most excellent finds.

Lovely World said...

These are so great (I love old books). Interesting to study language over time.

kindra said...

whhhhoper, very funny.

yes, very interesting to see the variations and changes over time!