Tuesday, May 5, 2009

end papers

All end papers are from this site which I stumbled upon today. I'd like to see more from the saucy Dutch Treat Club.

This drawger show looks fun too!

endpaper show hosted by Nancy Stahl/endpaper credits:
Dutch Treat Club 1941 from Stephen Kroninger
Give me Liberty [pt4] from GHM327
Dutch Treat Club 1959 from Stephen Kroninger
Beyond the Long-Eared Mountains from Anna
Dutch Treat Club 1956 from Stephen Kroninger
Dutch Treat Club 1945 from Stephen Kroninger
Dutch Treat Club 1925 from Stephen Kroninger
Scalawag the Monkey 1953 from Lou Brooks


Fine Little Day said...

Great site, that end papers site.

I´m a happy woman, just got your "Polkaville Party Stationery" from SOF in the mail today!

Jane O Sullivan said...

very interesting site,I have always thought endpapers a class of their own,sometimes not really relating to the rest of the book!(that being their charm) but ,goodness theres some fantastic drawing in those on the drawger site , thanks kindra for sharing ...