Monday, April 6, 2009

postcard from the yucatan

My sister, mom and i are back to the great comforts of home and all the things that make you want to leave in the first place. snow!?!


Erin said...

awwwww, the murphy girls

Jane O Sullivan said...

omg! I LOVE that peacock , I want it now ! I am so going to incorporate a white peacock into a drawing tommorow. I love your blog , it makes me feel minimal! , which is unheard of . I found it through that sweet girl in one fine day , hello to you !

Toktokada said...

I loved Mexico so much !!! It's such an amazing country !!

patchyo said...

I find your photos really inspiring... I love this white peacok... I don´t know if people use to do this (new bloger) but I ask you for permission to post and link it to my blog. Thank you!

kindra said...

hello all!
Ms. Erin: I miss you sooo!

Jane: I can't wait to see your peacock drawing.

Tokokada: it felt so great to be somewhere warm and sunny!

Patchyo: nice to meet you.
sure! you can use the image on your blog——would you mind linking it back to this blog?

patchyo said...

Of course... Done!
Thank you

LittlePerson said...

wow,I have never ever seen a white peacock in my life! It's gorgeous!