Sunday, April 19, 2009

clever household hints

A few small guidebooks.


tyler said...

please tell me you're going to make something from the "make it right with lard" book. priceless!

notions & potions said...

lard makes the best pie crusts, hands down.

it also makes amazing pie crust typography!

Nazara said...

thank you,
you have a lovely blog, full of colors.
love it!

kindra said...

Lard Funfacts!
-is the ideal cooking fat

-is 97% digestible

-has the greatest shortening power of any plastic fat. [yikes]

Seriously, after browsing through this pretty sweet guide I must try to find lard in my co-op!

Tyler, I'll let you know how it goes! Aimee, I've got some great pie, biscuit, potato doughnut and economy croquette recipe——let me know if you're interested!