Saturday, April 25, 2009

cenotes of the yucatan + penguins of antartica

The Yucatan has no noticeable surface rivers, the limestone plateau is riddled with underground streams and caves. A cenote (from the Mayan word, dzonot) is created when a cave ceiling collapses and opens up to the surface. All of them are uniquely different. We went to two: Dos Ojos and Gran Cenote. Millions of bird and bats live in holes in the cave walls and their peeps and chirps echo throughout——this baby fell from from above and was saved from drowning.

Last night we watched Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World. This was one of my favorite scenes.


Jane O Sullivan said...

oh...I have a lump in my throat , I think the penguin is very brave and focused on something that mad ? no i dont think so , watching him or her just barrelling ahead in a frenzy,reminds me a little (a lot) of the creative commitment of artists , yes ,it will enivatably lead to death, but during it ,we are reminded of the life we have ...thanks for sharing the clip, I love your blog

annie said...

uhh that penguin clip made me DIE OF SADNESS.

Lynn said...

I love that movie. Herzog is the best. My favorite quote: "I loathe the sun on my skin and celluloid."

jenna brouse said...

i was supposed to meet a boy emperor penguin in first grade, but mrs. anderson kept me from him!