Saturday, March 21, 2009

a bouquet on this day

happy birthday Jenny!

The Pisces/Aries Cusp (sometimes referred to as "Parisces") is approximately from dates March 19 to March 26,. The "parisces" individual is thought to be assertive, dominant, shy, sensitive, emotional, artistic, talented, helpful, dependent, intuitive, unique, practical, doer, dreamer, nurturing, sensual, clean-minded, traditional,A Leader, active, organized, idealistic, broad-minded, brave, thoughtful, playful, devoted, flirtatious, idealistic, quiet, proud, loyal, athletic, romantic, compassionate, sympathetic, often funny, flamboyant, caring, and imaginative. The Piscean/Arian is prone to aloof, quarrelesome, perfectionist, mean, cold, pessimistic, hyper-sensitive, touchy, duality, moody, secretive, impractical, impatient, and stubborn. [text from Wikepedia]
True? Frivolous?


kindra said...
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jenny. said...

ohhh thank you for the birthday wishes! this description is quite true, quite true... PARISCES, this is a new word to me! i'm going to embrace life on the cusp.

p.s. hello from ireland, outside the computer lab window are mountains and cows!

jenna brouse said...

you forgot miss butterfoss, who was also born on this day. just because she's in buenos aires, doesn't mean she doesn't exist!

anonymousj said...

i have a march 21st eighteen year old Parisces and she is a match for all that!