Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Seriously, this used to be my favorite "sport" in elementary school; as well as stilts, the nerf pogo-ball, this makeshift board that balanced on a cylinder, lemondrop, sit and spin and pretty much any 'solo' style loser game. Anyhow, i'd be up for a game, but haven't spotted the apparatus anywhere in minneapolis. maybe tetherball was a michigan and estonian thing?

[clipping from an estonian guidebook—ooops, i don't have the title...]


jenny. said...

I LOVE TETHERBALL. that's all my cousins and i would play on the beach up north on walloon lake in the summertime!

(i think it's totally a michigan thing, i have yet to spot any in minnesota either)

A. Von Falcon said...

Tetherball is also prominent in Illinois, but I haven't played for quite some time..AND all those great little singular person games were great.. add skip-its to that list and its complete.

Holly said...

wisconsin is up on tetherball. when i worked in the public school system in madison the kids taught me how to play...and i've never been the same!