Monday, March 31, 2008

sampling of bird trademarks

From Signs + Emblems by Erhardt D. Stiebner and Dieter Urban
Van Nostrand Reinhold Company. 1984


nancynago said...

So I had this friend when I lived in Australia, he was hands down me best mate. Stevie Caruana was his name, and Stevie worked at a little fast food joint named 'Chicken Treat'

Which was a chicken fast food chain that competed with another chicken fast food place that went by the name: 'Red Rooster'

Well Stevie C was workin' at that 'ol Chicken Treat one afternoon, when he had a little mishap, of the most hilarious variety.

Ya see, young Stebie C was rushin' to close up shop at 3 o clock one Sunday afternoon, he was all alone in the joint cause it was dead. And, well, one thing you oughta know 'bout the 'ol Chicken Treat is that they got this pit, in the middle o' the kitchen right, well its a pit under the kitchen really, anyway, there's a grate over the pit, the employees stand on the grate, and dump all the grease into the pit. Well Stevie had the grate off the hole to the pit, the grease pit, and in his haste, as he rushed to dump excess grease into the grease pit, he fell in.

Stevie C sat in the grease pit for a few seconds while he assessed the situation, understanding what he had just done. He was up to his crotch in grease. Because he was alone, he spent just a touch longer time than he might have had there been co-workers around.

The Pressure™ said...

Good shit, Kindra. Gooood. Shiiit.